Wedding Photo Editing Services

For over 12 years, Renew Images has been the go-to for wedding and portrait photographers seeking personalized edits. Available 24/7, we offer lightning-fast turnaround for your marriage photo editing needs, from culling to retouching.

When editing bridal portraits, we focus on every detail, from makeup to accessories. Our experts adjust white balance, hues, and more in Lightroom and Photoshop for an elegant finish.

From basic color correction to creative manipulations, we bring your ideas to life. Our team stays up-to-date with wedding photography trends, offering various styles like light and airy, vintage, and more.

Let’s make your photos truly special!

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Our Wedding
Photo Editing Service Includes

Selecting photos & adjusting colors - starting at $0.15 per photo

Got a bunch of wedding photos? Let us pick the best ones, enhance colors, and remove distractions. Expect a stunning bride’s dress and vibrant backgrounds.
Wedding photo editing - starting $1.50 per photo
Starting with basic edits, we remove flaws, enhance textures, and brighten smiles. Then, deeper adjustments for flawless bridal shots.
Blending for vibrant shots - $6 per photo

Merge two photos for better quality, balancing brightness and temperature to perfect bridal photos.

Swapping or removing background - $6 per photo

Transform your wedding photos with realistic background changes. Enhance or Replace for a fresh look.

Removing or adding objects/people - starting $6 per item
Center the couple by removing distractions or add elements to enrich compositions.
Advanced touch-ups in Photoshop - $15 per photo

Challenge us with any edit! From scenic backdrops to dreamy effects, we’ll make your bridal photos enchanting.

Retouching clothes or smoothing out wrinkles - starting $3 per photo
Say goodbye to wrinkles on dresses and suits. We’ll ensure flawless attire in your bridal photos.
A little makeup magic - $6 per photo
Refresh makeup for a flawless look. Brighten lips, enhance eyes, and add blush for picture-perfect bridal beauty.
Taming stray hairs - starting $3 per photo
Smooth flyaway hairs and maintain natural beauty in portraits and wedding photos.
Fixing skin tones - starting $1.50 per photo
Say farewell to skin issues caused by poor lighting. We’ll ensure beautiful, healthy skin tones in your bridal photos.

Even with a fancy camera and keen eye, snagging flawless magazine-worthy wedding shots isn’t guaranteed. Uncontrollable factors like church lighting and flushed faces demand online wedding photo editing. Renew Images steps in during peak wedding season, unleashing creativity through Photoshop and Lightroom.

Check out our service details and pricing!

Renew Images
Our Wedding Photo Editing Pricing Plans

Photos Adjustments

What we offer:
$ 0.15 per photo
  • Adjusting Color Tone
  • Enhancing Differences
  • Fixing Brightness
  • Trimming
  • Aligning
  • Enhancing Clarity
  • Minimizing Disturbances
  • Tailoring Photos to Your Taste
  • Pricing for All Images Provided
  • Removing Any Flawed or Copied Images
  • Choosing Images Based on Client Needs
  • Tagging Preferred Images in LR Catalog
  • Extra Service: Picking Images – $0.03 per photo

Elementary (Basic) Level Retouching

What we offer:
$ 1.50 per photo
  • Photos Adjustments
  • Premium Beauty Retouching for 2–3 People in a Photo.
  • Adjusting Colors and Brightness
  • Fixing Exposure Issues
  • Brightening Teeth
  • Removing Red-Eye Effect
  • Reducing Under-Eye Bags
  • Improving Skin Tone
  • Trimming and Straightening the Photo
  • No Altering of Body Appearance
  • No Background Editing
  • No Editing of Indoor/Portrait Photos

Add-on (Extra) Level Retouching

What we offer:
$ 3.00 per photo
  • Elementary Photo Retouching
  • Enhancing Natural Colors
  • Tweaking White Balance
  • Adding Subtle Light and Shadow Effects
  • Expertly Removing Stray Hairs
  • Refining Body Appearance
  • Adjusting Shadows for Better Depth
  • Applying Digital Makeup Flawlessly
  • Smooth Out Facial Wrinkles
  • Editing Backgrounds
  • Boosting Vibrance, Contrast, and Shadows
  • Fixing Reddish Skin Tones
  • Subtle Body Sculpting

Premium (High End) Level Retouching

What we offer:
$ 6.00 per photo
  • Premium Beauty Retouching for 3-5 Persons
  • Advanced level retouching
  • Reducing Glare in Eyeglass Reflections
  • Enhancing Skin Quality
  • Matching Client’s Preferred Style
  • Adjusting Facial Hair Appearance
  • Removing Wrinkles From Clothing
  • Deleting Unwanted Objects
  • Brightening Eyes
  • Correcting Colors
  • Incorporating Authentic Snowfall Effects

Primo Retouching

What we offer:
$ 60.00 per photo
  • Adjusting Colors for up to 700 Photos
  • No Commitments or Undisclosed Charges
  • Get Your Photos Back in a Week
  • Save As Much as $56 on Each Wedding

Elite Retouching

What we offer:
$ 100.00 per photo
  • Adjusting Colors for As Many as 700 Pictures
  • Simple Touch-Ups for About 20 Images
  • Refinement for up to 5 Pictures
  • Get Your Photos Back in a Week
  • Save Nearly $86 on Each Wedding
Why pick Renew Images for your wedding photo enhancement?
  • We help busy wedding photographers with speedy edits thus maintaining high client satisfaction.
  • From basic edits to intricate manipulations, we’ve got you covered.
  • For grand weddings, we offer magazine-style and High-End editing.
  • We excel in artistic photo enhancements.
  • Fast turnaround; get your photos starting the next day in case of bulk orders.
  • Enjoy 24/7 control over the editing process.

Let’s elevate creativity and presentation of your wedding album together! Contact us now!



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