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Upgrade your portraits for business success! Whether it’s corporate, entertainment, modeling, or brand portraits, Renew Images ensures top-notch editing at affordable rates. Elevate your image—choose professional portrait retouching with Renew Images.

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Our Portrait
Photo Retouching Service Includes:
Smoothing and enhancing skin: starting $3 per photo
We will nurture the model’s skin, ensuring a healthy, smooth appearance. Goodbye to flaws—no wrinkles, acne, or under-eye bags. Plus, we’ll harmonize the tone to suit the lighting pattern perfectly.
Brightening teeth & fixing eyes: starting $3 per photo
Capturing the right teeth and eye color in studio photos can be tricky. Our retouchers will skillfully remove any yellow tint from teeth and enhance the eyes for that perfect professional portrait.
Simple touch-ups for portraits: $3 per photo
Our business portrait editing enhances facial features without sacrificing natural curves. The outcome? A sharper portrait that truly highlights the model.
Removing blemishes & scars: starting $3 per photo
Using advanced portrait editing tools, we’ll erase scars and blemishes, preserving your skin’s natural texture. No overdone Photoshop—your unique features like birthmarks stay untouched.
Creating a clear or blurred background: starting $3 per photo
As we touch up portraits, we tidy up the background too. Our retouchers can remove distractions, swap in a better background, and even add some blur for that perfect finishing touch.
Tweaking brightness & contrast: $1.5 per photo
Adjusting contrast and brightness can add vibrancy or dial down tones for a subtle vibe in your business portraits. Share your photos, let us know your desired effect, and we’ll tailor the edits to match your preferences.
Enhancing overall facial features: starting $3 per photo

Our retouchers skillfully enhance your model’s features, keeping it natural. From defining lips, highlighting eyes, to subtle tweaks like straightening the nose or accentuating cheekbones, we’ve got it covered—all while preserving those natural lines.

Braces removal: from $6 per photo
We’ll enhance your model’s smile by removing braces. Our retouchers skillfully match teeth colors, creating a three-dimensional look without any unnatural tone shifts.
Applying virtual makeup: starting $6 per photo
We enhance eyes and lips naturally, steering clear of flashy hues. Goodbye under-eye circles, wrinkles, and signs of fatigue. For business portraits, we stick to neutral makeup—no aggressive colors or shadows as we edit portraits.
Removing reflections on glasses: starting $6 per photo

We’re experts at nixing glare and reflections on glasses without messing up the area around the eyes. Your business portraits will stay crisp, professional, and glare-free.

Our typical turnaround is 1-3 business days for portrait retouching, but it varies based on the number of photos and additional services you choose.

We strive to enhance portraits, ensuring beauty while addressing facial, background, and lighting issues.

For additional editing services, feel free to reach out to us.

Renew Images
Our Portrait Retouching Service Pricing Plans

Advanced (Pro) Level

What we offer:
$ 3.00 per photo
  • Fixing Red-Eye Effect
  • Removing Skin Imperfections, Pimples, Scars
  • Enhancing Facial Skin
  • Brightening Teeth
  • Adjusting Colors
  • Resizing/Cropping Photos
  • Shaping Body/Face
  • Tidying Stray Hairs
  • Expanding Solid Background Colors
  • Blurring Backgrounds (Without Full Editing)
  • Trimming Small Objects
  • Creating Paths on White/Black/Transparent
  • Color Adjustments
  • Eliminating Stray Hairs
  • Enhancing Skin Tone
  • Making Eyes Stand Out
  • Removing Minor Glare From Glasses
  • Basic Touch-Ups for Photos
  • No Editing of Backgrounds

Premium (High End) Level

What we offer:
$ 3.00 per photo
  • Advanced Level Retouching
  • Enhancing Makeup
  • Facial Beauty Enhancement
  • Hairstyle Touch-Up
  • Lighting and Shadow
  • Removing Straps

Add-on (Extra) Level

What we offer:
$ 3.00 per photo
  • Top-Notch Beauty Enhancements for Photos
  • Blending Two Images
  • Removing Braces
  • Getting Rid of Unwanted Elements
  • Fixing Tough Glare From Glasses
  • Touching Up Hair Roots
  • Advanced Hair Erasure
  • Switching Heads/Body Parts
  • Changing Colors of Outfits or Objects in Photos
  • Smoothing Out Clothes
  • Altering Backgrounds
  • Extending Complex Backgrounds
  • Enhancing Hair
  • Creating Dodge and Burn Effects
  • Fixing Facial Imperfections
  • Adding Expression to Eyes
  • Refining Clothing
  • Basic Touch-Ups for Photos
  • Brightening Teeth
  • Smoothing Out Wrinkles
Discounted Packages for Our Long-Term Clients

Enjoy a discount on all Body Retouching services for orders exceeding $150.00 US per order within a month.

Unlock a special discount for all Body Retouching services when your single order totals more than $750 US during a month.

Why choose Renew Images for your Portrait Editing needs?
  • Unique characteristics preserved unless specified
  • Authenticity of your portraits upheld
  • Orders accepted round the clock
  • Get retouched portrait photos in just 3 days
  • Top-notch portrait pictures at affordable prices

Tired of losing the essence of your portraits? At Renew Images, we keep it real while enhancing your photos. Try us now!



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