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For over a decade Renew Images has been restoring photos, even severely damaged ones. We classify restoration based on restoration needs or damage severity. Recognizing no one can master all, each retoucher handles specific tasks for quicker delivery. Check our service prices!

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Our Photo Restoration Service Includes:
Revive Water-Damaged Photos - starting at $15 per photo
Let water damage not make your photos look dull. Our experts will restore vibrancy and fill in blank areas, bringing your cherished memories back to life.
Combat Mold Damage - starting at $15 per photo
Struggling with mold damage on your photos? We will eliminate unsightly spots, ensuring colors, white balance, saturation, and contrast are spot on, revitalizing your photos.
Reconstruct Missing Pieces - starting at $22.50 per photo
Missing pieces ruin your precious photos. Allow us to recreate and restore your damaged photos, ensuring every detail is brought back to life with natural antique photo restoration.
Colorize Black & White Photos - starting at $30 per photo
Want to add a pop of color to your old black and white photos? Our experts will seamlessly colorize your photos, delivering beautiful and realistic results that breathe new life into your memories.
Renew Antique Photographs - starting at $15 per photo
Are your antique photos showing signs of wear and tear? Trust us to restore them to their former glory, addressing damages caused by water, mold, and other natural phenomena, ensuring your treasured pictures look stunning once again.
Repair Ripped and Torn Photos - starting at $22.50 per photo
Torn or ripped photos lose their storytelling charm. Our advanced Photoshop tools will seamlessly repair and reassemble torn edges, presenting you with a beautiful, cohesive family photo.
Erase Stains, Scratches, and Blemishes - starting at $15 per photo
Unsightly spots and scratches ruining your old photos? Our restoration services will remove blemishes, fill in empty areas, and perform comprehensive color correction, ensuring every detail looks pristine.
Enhance Photo Sharpness - starting at $15 per photo
Get your photos to pop with clarity! After restoring and repairing, we sharpen every detail, ensuring crispness and definition, bringing out the best in every frame.

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Renew Images
Our Photo Restoration Pricing Plans

Elementary (Standard) Level

What we offer:
$ 15.00 per photo
  • Elimination of Minor Scratches
  • Addressing Sepia Problems
  • Enhancing Faded Colors
  • Color Adjustment
  • Repairing Minor Damages
  • Removing Imperfections
  • General Improvement
  • Including Up to 3 Individuals in the photo
  • For Every Extra Person +12$

Premium Level

What we offer:
$ 22.00 per photo
  • Elementary Level Restoration
  • Addressing Minor Scrapes
  • Repairing Absent Components
  • Comprehensive Restoration of All Elements
  • For Every Extra Person +12$

Elite (Extreme) Level

What we offer:
$ 30.00 per photo
  • Premium Level Restoration
  • Reviving Severely Damaged photos
  • Repairing Damaged Borders
  • Combining Photos
  • Colorizing photos
  • Restoring Damaged photos
  • Fixing Damaged Areas
  • Removing Scratches
  • Retouching Large Scuffs
  • For Every Extra Person +12$
Discounted Packages for Our Long-Term Clients

Enjoy a discount on all Body Retouching services for orders exceeding $150.00 US per order within a month.

Unlock a special discount for all Body Retouching services when your single order totals more than $750 US during a month.

What makes Renew Images the ideal choice for your photo editing necessities?
  • Restored photos boast lifelike appearances, showcasing true-to-life colors and tones.
  • Even if half of an antique photo is severely damaged or scratched, we’ll restore it to its original state.
  • We welcome photos of any complexity, no matter how ruined or torn, and ensure swift delivery of results.
  • We specialize in reviving photos affected by water, fire, time, and mold, featuring faded colors and numerous scratches, and offer professional photo colorization services.
  • Our highly proficient retouchers guarantee realistic outcomes.
  • We excel in restoring old family photographs, vintage, and antique photos.

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