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Unhappy with body imperfections in photos? From reshaping to cellulite, we get it. DIY struggles or high costs—there’s a better way. Enter Renew Images. Affordable, fast, and guaranteeing natural results. Your perfect photo-ready body is just a click away.

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We Provide
Body Retouching Services
Body Trimming: $3 per photo
Struggling with body image in photos? Don’t let that bother you anymore. Our advanced body editing techniques ensure a slimmer appearance without overdoing Photoshop. Specify the areas you want attention on, and we’ll handle the rest.
Enhance Shadows and Highlights: $6 per photo
Want to highlight your athletic body’s curves? It’s time to make those curves pop. Using the Dodge and Burn tool, our retouchers create a balance between light and dark areas, delivering a professionally enhanced result.
Smooth Skin: $3 per photo
Dealing with scars and acne in photos? Say goodbye to imperfections. Our skin airbrushing service tackles scars, alters skin tone, and highlights specific areas without compromising texture.
Touch-up Makeup: $6 per photo
Want a flawless face in photos? Achieve the perfect look effortlessly. Our digital make-up tools highlight lips and eyes, add contours, and even offer artistic make-up retouching for a slimming effect.
Enhance Boudoir Photos: $6 per photo
Looking to add glamour to boudoir photos? Let your photos radiate style and beauty. Our retouching experts enhance all visible parts, work on skin color, and deliver a healthy, stylish look.
Edit Clothing: $6 per photo
Wrinkled clothes ruining your photos? Keep your focus on the style, not the wrinkles. Our team smoothens wrinkles, giving your clothes a neat and polished appearance.
Fix Backgrounds: $3 per photo
Need harmony between model, clothes, and background? A professional look starts with a balanced background. We correct colors, remove shadows, and add light accents for a seamless connection.
Tidy Stray Hair: $3 per photo
Annoyed with flyaway hairs in your photos? Don’t let messy hair distract from your elegance. Our retouchers remove stray hairs, ensuring a polished and elegant hairstyle.
Delete Objects: $3 per object
Distracting items ruining your portrait? Let your features shine, undistracted. We spot and remove any distractions seamlessly, leaving your portrait flawless.
Correct Braces in Teeth: $6 per photo
Braces hindering your photo’s professional look? It’s time for a braces-free smile. We’ll expertly erase braces, ensuring your photos exude a polished and professional appearance

Photographers often grapple with body retouching challenges. 75% seek enhanced curves, while 25% opt for breast or muscle adjustments. Our skilled retouchers tackle it all – slimming bodies, refining curves, applying plastic surgery effects, toning waists, faces, and legs, banishing blemishes, shadows, and using Dodge and Burn techniques. Get your model, flawlessly transformed in no time with unimaginable prices!

Renew Images
Our Body Retouching Service Includes:

Advaced (Pro) Level

What we offer:
$ 3.00 per photo
  • Banish Red Eyes
  • Erase Pimples, Marks, Facial Imperfections
  • Enhance Face Skin With Frequency Separation
  • Adjust Colors
  • Trim/Adjust Photo Size
  • Improve Basic Backgrounds
  • Tidy Stray Hair
  • Even Out Background Colors
  • Remove Small Elements
  • Smooth Out Facial Lines
  • Subtle Body Contouring
  • Outline Simple Objects
  • Refine Skin Texture
  • Customized Appearance
  • Edit Clothing
  • Enhance Body Features
  • Enhance Body Features
  • No Plain/Black/See-Through Background

Premium (High End) Level Retouching

What we offer:
$ 6.00 per photo
  • Advanced Photo Enhancements
  • Adjusting Teeth Alignment
  • Masking Images
  • Removing Complex Objects
  • Correcting Color Fringing
  • Eliminating Eyeglass Glare
  • Altering Colors for Objects/Apparel
  • Enhancing Skin Quality
  • Refining Body Contours
  • Enhancing Makeup
  • Refining Boudoir Photos
  • Tailoring Editing to Client Preferences
  • Creating Depth with Dodge and Burn
  • Blurring Backgrounds
  • Reshaping Body using Liquify
  • Eliminating Cellulite
  • Enhancing Breast Size
  • Fixing Fingers/Nails
  • Softening Skin Naturally
  • Adjusting Skin Tone

Add-on (Extra) Level

What we offer:
$ 6.00 per photo
  • Premium Retouch
  • Blend Two Photos Together
  • Swap Eyes/Heads
  • Picture Masking
  • Change the Background
  • Expand Textured Background
  • Smooth Out Clothing/Background
  • Precise Outlining for Complicated Objects (White/Black/Clear Background)
  • Vibrant Effect
Discounted Packages for Our Long-Term Clients

Enjoy a discount on all Body Retouching services for orders exceeding $150.00 US per order within a month.

Unlock a special discount for all Body Retouching services when your single order totals more than $750 US during a month.

Why trust Renew Images with your body photo retouching needs?
  • With over 12 years of body retouching experience, we ensure your photos look naturally flawless.
  • Our hassle-free system lets you upload photos, point out areas to retouch, and share examples you like.
  • Enjoy competitive and straightforward pricing plans.
  • Experience lightning-fast turnaround times, available 24/7.

Ready to enhance your photos effortlessly? Try Renew Images today!



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